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The area of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY at LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm is made up of a team of local and foreign lawyers and qualified experienced technical and administrative personnel with high level of specialization in the subject. The Firm is committed to providing comprehensive services of excellence, in all types of transactions related to Intellectual Property rights, both nationally and internationally.

• Litigious Matters of Intellectual Property.
• Intervention in all types of trials, in all their instances, including the Supreme
• Court of Justice of the Nation.
• Intervention in processes of mediation, arbitration and alternative methods for conflict resolution.
• Advice and intervention in processes of tenders and bankruptcies and in global re-negotiation agreements.
• Enforcement of foreign arbitral judgments in the Argentine Republic.
• Defense of clients’ rights in cases of oppositions, refusals, nullities and infringements of trademarks, patents and models.
• Strategic alliances with international law firms.
• Treatment of cases of disloyal competition and fraudulent publicity.
• Drafting, revision and negotiation of contracts.
• Representation and Defense in copyright law suits.
• Drafting of confidentiality Agreements related to intellectual property affairs.
• Comprehensive service of presentation, registration and protection of
• Intellectual Property rights, such as Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs.
• Execution of litigious Procedures.
• Legal representation in Intellectual Property trials for trademark oppositions and cases of copyright and patent infringement.
• Arbitration in conflicts of personal property piracy in Internet.
• Drafting of contracts ofTECHNOLOGY TRANSFER and licenses.
• Protection of trademarks in cases of imitations and forgery, intimidation for cessation of fraudulent activities.

The services are offered both in Argentina and abroad, supported by the international network of associated firms with more than 10 years attending congresses of “AMPPI” (Mexican Association), “ASIPI” (Latin American Association), “INTA” (International Association), “ECTA, MARQUES” (Mainly Holders of Trademarks in the European Community), “APAA” (Association in Asia), “AIPPI” (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), “AIPLA” (North American Association) and “PTMG” (Pharmaceutical Industry), among others.

The area of PATENTS, INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS AND UTILITY MODELS at LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm offers a Comprehensive service in legal Advice and representation, drafting and presentation of Patents, Industrial Design Models and Utility Models with the aim of protecting intellectual property rights.

• Advice on matters of patentability and infringement.
•Legal advice regarding patents and utility models.
•Start-up and defense in trials for industrial property infringement.
•Precautionary interventions in matters of patent infringement.
•Defense of trademarks and patents.
•Legal assistance, complaints, claims.
•Law suits on patents.
•Presentation of precautionary measures.
•Legal advice and actions.
•Oppositions, refusals, nullity and infringement of trademarks, patents and models.
•Defense of rights derived from patents, models and designs, including
•precautionary measures and trials on infringement.
•Presentation of Reports on Patents, Utility Models and Models.
•Development, improvement and registration of industrial models and designs.

• Model research and industrial designs.
• Preparation and acquisition of invention patents and utility models.
• Resolution about the type of invention and the corresponding framing for its patent registration.
• Record search and patent research.
• Registration presentations and proceedings for the application of patents, utility models and industrial models and designs.
• Drafting of applications of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Models and Designs.
• Registration of license contracts of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial
• Models and Designs.
• Advice on patent registration, validity and infringement of the same.
• Management and assessment of patents and utility models in a wide technical range.

Trademarks are a reflection of their business. The trademark is a strategic asset which requires protection. The trademark is a distinctive sign, whose main purpose is to differentiate products and/or services of a certain company from the ones of its competitors’. Thus, it is so important to protect it.
LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm has a set of professionals qualified to protect your name, trademark and logotype in all markets of interest, at an efficient cost for its clients.

The trademark Department at LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm provides advice and services which include preliminary research, trademark viability studies, management of trademark related matters and their defense in all stages, both in Argentina and worldwide.

The Advising service in trademark matters at LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm covers the search of records in order to establish if an application is feasible, preparation and presentation of documents for their registrability, national and international trademark protection, and defense of trademark rights, among others. Among the Trademark Advising services, the following are included:

• General and comprehensive consultancy in trademark matters.
• Development of logotypes and corporate image.
• Product or service definition for which the trademark shall be used to find the corresponding type in the Trademark Catalogue.
• Research about trademark registration.
• Search of records: pre existing trademarks, trademark competition.
• Immediate response about the viability of trademark registration in the country.
• Elaboration of memos as regards their registrability.
• Presentation and registration strategies and matters related to the classification of products and services.

LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm has a department specialized in COPYRIGHT, ENTERTAINMENT AND REPRESENTATION OF national and foreign ARTISTS, made up of specialized lawyers and strategic partners in Argentina and worldwide.

The Law Firm offers legal and financial advice, locally and globally, to artists and authors, with the aim of protecting all scientific, literary, artistic or didactic productions such as: drama plays, musical and drama-musical compositions; cinematography and pantomime; works of drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture; models and works of art or science applied to the business or industry; printings, plans and maps; plastic, photography, engraving and phonographic discs.

• Advice on the protection and registration of Film works, Musical Compositions,
• Writings, Plans, and Paintings.
• Advice to national and foreign clients in the different areas of intellectual property including the representation of leading recording companies, cable TV companies (regulatory aspects of broadcasting), film production companies, institutions which finance the industry, actors, scriptwriters, directors, writers and editors.
• License of the use of music in films and TV, and musical performance rights.
• Legal representation of literary authors, film-makers, composers, editors, photographers, interpreters, painters, etc… In law suits of delimitation of work authorships.
• Elaboration of Contracts of development, distribution, sales, assignment and work rights.
• Advice, registration and protection of the intellectual property rights.
• Legal advice and defense of the rights of Copyright and intellectual property.
• Anti-piracy campaigns.
• Comprehensive advice to national and foreign models and players throughout their careers.
• Financial, fiscal, legal and image management advice to local and foreign artists.
• Negotiation and elaboration of Representation and License Contracts.
• Legal advice to managers.
• Defense on topics related to image Rights.

The area of LAW in INTERNET at LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm advices clients on the processes of acquisition, assignment, licenses and protection of Software:

• Elaboration and Advice on Contracts of license, and software development and maintenance.
• Software protection and infringement detection.
• Advice on contracts of license and software distribution, personalized software and special projects.
• Resolution of conflicts regarding the installation, use, development and maintenance of software Licenses.
• Advice and Drafting of contracts for software Developments.
• Consultancy in matters related to the Assignment of use and exploitation rights of computer programs.
• Advice on the use of Open Source Software licenses.


LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm represents clients worldwide.

The Firm has headquarters in Buenos Aires and Posadas, and representation offices in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, it has correspondents in each of the countries providing a worldwide protection service according to the clients’ needs.

LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm has reciprocity agreements with first class law firms in all countries of America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm has been part of an International network of firms for more than 10 years, for having attended congresses of “AMPPI” (Mexican Association), “ASIPI” (Latin American Association), “INTA” (International Association), “ECTA, MARQUES” (Mainly Holders of Trademarks in the European Community), “APAA” (Association in Asia), “AIPPI” (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), “AIPLA” (North American Association) and “PTMG” (Pharmaceutical Industry), among others.

Therefore, LITVIN LEGALES Law Firm develops the registration and protection of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights worldwide.



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